CRITICAL NEED FOR DONORS WITH BLOOD TYPES OF O-, O+, B+, B-, A-.  Please make time to donate!

Why Donate?

Why Donate?
Patient Stories
Why Donate?

There is no substitute for human blood.  

Only 38% of U.S. Population is eligible to donate, and less than 10% actually do. Interested in more information about why blood is needed?  Read more.

Patient Stories

Hear Real-Life Experiences

There are countless stories about how patients have benefitted from blood products.  Read how you can make a difference with a donation.


Blood Supply Inventory

As blood donations are received from donors and blood components are shipped to patients in need, the blood supply fluctuates.  Check out the current supply levels here.

At Inova Blood Donor Services, we recognize that all of our donors have their own personal reasons for donating.  Many people first donate at high school or college blood drives when they are asked for the first time.  Others start donating when someone close needs blood components, due to an accident or as part of treatment for a disease. Others donate because they like how they feel helping others.  Some donors like to donate because of the swag they receive as a thank you for donating.  

Whatever YOUR reason, we hope you will donate and continue to donate regularly to help keep the supply at a stable level.

  • If you donate whole blood, you can donate up to SIX TIMES per year (every 56 days)!
  • If you donate platelets, you can donate up to TWENTY-FOUR TIMES per year (every 14 days)!
  • If you donate plasma, you can donate up to TWELVE TIMES per year (every 28 days)!
  • If you donate double red cells, you can donated up to THREE TIMES per year (every 112 days)!

For eligibility requirements for each of these types of donations, please click here.

Many of our donors create milestone goals for themselves to achieve to help keep them motivated. Read more.

Let us know if you pledge to donate regularly-- tag us on social media (@InovaBloodDonor on Facebook or @InovaBlood on Instagram and Twitter) and include #ChallengeAccepted.  We cannot wait to see what you accomplish.  

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