Recruitment Strategies

Promotion Ideas

While a personal invitation to give blood is always the most effective donor recruitment tool, there are many ways to recruit and promote your blood drive, including:

Ask your organization’s leader (president, religious leader, administrator, principal, etc.) to send a letter to all members sharing the importance of blood donation and asking them to support your blood drive

Post flyers (provided by Inova Blood Donor Services) advertising the date, time and contact person for the drive

If your organization uses social media, post about the blood drive and tag Inova Blood Donor Services so we can help you reach a larger audience (Facebook: @InovaBlood Donor, Instagram: @InovaBlood, Twitter: @InovaBlood)

Establish a calling or texting committee to contact people you cannot ask face to face.

Send emails with blood drive information and how to sign up.

Circulate sign-up sheets or have a sign-up table in a high traffic area, like a break room, lobby or cafeteria.

Ask, Face to Face with a Chance to Save Lives

One of the most common reasons people give for not donating blood is, “No one ever asked me.”  In our experience, nothing is more effective than face-to-face recruitment.  An individual and personalized appeal is often all it takes.

Be prepared to answer questions about the donation process and remind prospective donors that a single donation has the potential to help save the up to three patient lives.  When people are sick or injured and they need blood, there is one one place it can come from and that is a volunteer blood donor.

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