Steps to Success

By sponsoring a blood drive with Inova Blood Donor Services, you help to ensure a safe, ready supply of blood for your loved ones, your neighbors and yourself.  

Your time, effort and enthusiasm are as vital as the blood you will help us collect.  We rely completely on volunteer blood donations with a large portion of our blood supply coming from group-sponsored drives.

Blood drives are scheduled three months to one year in advance.  They can be held on any day of the week and usually take about three to six hours.  Inova Blood Donor Services supports blood drive sponsors with skilled recruiting, planning and promotional materials.  Blood donors can expect a well-trained, caring and professional blood collection team, modern, comfortable donation equipment and delicious refreshments provided by Inova Blood Donor Services.

For more information or to start planning a blood drive for your organization, call 1-866-256-6372 to be directed to your Account Manager.  

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Step One: Harness Your Potential and Build Momentum!

  • Gather potential donors-- at least 40
  • Circulate a Donor Commitment Form
  • Follow-up with your assigned Account Manager

Step Two: Create the Drive (3-5 months before desired blood drive timeframe)

  • Select date and time
  • Secure an appropriate venue (bloodmobile or inside set-up) in your community
  • In a Bloodmobile: We have a fleet of modern, self-contained bloodmobiles that accommodate eight to twelve donors per hour in a comfortable, pleasant, professional environment. You will need 60 feet of level, hard-surface parking area near a building entrance, a small space inside your building for donor reception and registration, and restroom access.
  • Inside Your Facility: Holding a blood drive inside your facility requires a sizable space including electrical outlets. It must be readily accessible, free of excess furniture, well lit and adequately air-conditioned/heated. You will also need to provide six to ten tables and two to three dozen chairs, restroom access and parking accommodations for the delivery truck and four to eight staff cards. We will provide everything else
  • Set a goal for the blood drive (your Account Manager can help with this!)

Step Three: Build the Drive (8-12 weeks before the event)

  • Gather other volunteers to assist with donor recruitment efforts
  • Work with your assigned Account Manager on a strategy to educate and motivate donors
  • Work on logistics (equipment, volunteers and other resources needed to run the drive)

Step Four: Recruit and Schedule Your Donors (3-6 weeks before the event)

  • Post your IBDS marketing materials in prominent areas throughout the neighborhood and community to advertise your upcoming blood drive
  • Set up your blood drive online using our online tool
  • Encourage donors to schedule appointments in person, online, by email or on marketing materials

Step Five: Final Details (3-7 days before the event)

  • Confirm donor appointments
  • Confirm volunteer assignments, duties and posts
  • Verify the status of the venue’s accommodations for donors, staff and equipment
  • Check-in with your Account Manager for any last minute details

Step Six: The Big Day!  Your Inova Blood Donor Services Blood Drive!

  • Designate someone (yourself or a volunteer) to meet with the mobile operations team to set-up equipment and displays before the event start time
  • Designate volunteers to staff the registration table for the duration of the blood drive
  • Contact donors who miss their appointments

Step Seven: Blood Drive Wrap-Up (1-2 weeks after the event)

  • Recognize and thank donors for their generous donation
  • Send or post the results of the blood drive for all to see what you accomplished together
  • Remind donors that they are eligible to donate whole blood in 56 days, double red cells in 112 days or platelets in 14 days.
  • Confirm or schedule next blood drive

A Little Thank You Goes a Long Way

Blood recipients rarely get the chance to thank the people who have given them the gift of life.  Let donors know they are appreciated by thanking them on behalf of those who will be helped by their donation.

  • Take photos during the blood drive of your donors and share them on social media and tag Inova Blood Donor Services (Facebook: @InovaBlood Donor, Instagram: @InovaBlood, Twitter: @InovaBlood), publish them in your organization’s newsletter or post them on a bulletin board in a high-traffic area
  • Offer donors a prize drawing for a special gift
  • Post “Honor Rolls” in a prominent area listing all blood donors’ names
  • Send thank you notes or cards to all donors.