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On October 8, 2009, on Sadie’s three-month birthday, doctors discovered a huge tumor in her neck. We were devastated to learn that it was a rare, solid cancer of the nerve tissue of the sympathetic nervous system called neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma represents 8 percent of all childhood cancers, but is responsible for over 15 percent of deaths.

Our first plan of attack was surgery, scheduled for mid-November. Our friend, Amy, worked on securing designated blood donations so that Sadie would have a good supply on hand for her big surgery. Amy contacted her network of friends and in two days six people identified themselves as the preferred blood type and were willing to be screened for the CMV virus that can affect infants with an immune system that is not fully developed. Countless others donated, whatever their type, in the DC metro area and across the county in honor of Sadie. The surgery was deemed a huge success.

The next phase of treatment was chemotherapy. After each round, she benefited from the generosity of anonymous blood donors, as she received numerous units of red blood cells and platelets. Whether it was a holiday or not, complete strangers provided these most wonderful gifts.

Sadie is doing well today. We are no longer pursuing treatment but she is constantly monitored to make sure the cancer continues to abate.

Please donate blood to provide a safe and adequate supply for Sadie and all of those who are treated for cancer.

Thank you,

Erin & Ethan (Sadie’s parents)

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A Letter from Daniel

Dear, well... Everyone.

My name is Daniel Shank-Rowe and I have Leukemia (cancer of the blood). I remember my first time getting blood. At first, it creeped me out seeing a bag of blood and knowing it would all go into me, but then I thought of how many people get pricked to get that blood I also realized that you did it for me and other kids with a lot worse stuff than me so then I whispered in my head, thank you. For me, you probably allowed me to go on a family vacation or even have enough blood to play for the week, but for the kid in the next hospital room you probably saved his life. I'm sorry I can't say this in person being a school night and all... but here it goes... THANK YOU! From me and every other kid still in that hospital. Thank you, for everything, and one last time, thank you.

Thank you for helping.

Daniel Shank-Rowe

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