High School Blood Donors

In the 2022 - 2023 school year, students contributed 18% of all blood components collected by Inova Blood Donor Services. 

By starting to donate in your teen years, you can set up a life-saving habit that could help affect hundreds of lives in the years ahead. With each whole blood donation, a blood donor can save up to three lives. In addition, many local high schools require students to complete volunteer hours before graduation. We are happy to have volunteers to help us at our larger blood drives and can sign off on volunteer hours once they are completed.


You can help support our mission several ways:

Donate blood at one of our center locations or at your high school.

Bring friends or family with you to make an even bigger impact!  Each donation can help save up to three lives! Make an appointment by calling 1-866-256-6372 or using our online scheduling tool.

Remember: If you are at least 16, but under 17 years of age, you MUST complete and bring the signed parental consent form when you arrive for your donation appointment.

Organize a Blood Drive

You can organize a blood drive at your school or a local community organization.  We can help you navigate the process.  Not only will this help save lives in your community, you will also earn volunteer hours and have something meaningful to add to your college or job applications. If you are interested in working on a blood drive with us, please contact our team through our contact form.

Success Story: In 2017, a local Boy Scout and former Inova Children’s Hospital patient wanted to give back to Inova for the great care he received.  By hosting a successful blood drive at his church, “Blood, Blankets, and Blessings”, Leo Cantos not only recruited enough donors to help save 240 lives but also received the rank of Eagle Scout.

Volunteer With Us

We have about 10 large blood drives annually, where we collect over 600 units of blood in one day.  We could not complete these blood drives without the network of volunteers who spend the day with us helping our donors.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our team through our contact form.

If you are ready to apply to be a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application here!