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We are raising awareness about the vital impact of blood donation, particularly highlighting the personal motivations of our donors and the positive outcomes for the patients we serve.

Your story has the power to inspire others to donate blood to ensure a more stable and adequate blood supply for our community. If more people donated, or if donors donated more frequently there would be fewer shortages.

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Why do you donate blood or platelets?
What motivates you to continue donating?

Your story might inspire someone to donate blood or platelets for the first time or to donate more frequently.


Why was a blood or platelet transfusion needed as part of your care?
What kind of an impact did the transfusion have on your care or recovery?

Our donors find it fulfilling to hear how blood donations impacted the lives of patients in need.

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If you are a blood, platelet or plasma donor, consider answering these questions: Why do you donate blood? Why did you start donating? Who inspired you to donate Do you donate in memory of a loved one? If you are patient who received blood products as part of your care, consider sharing: What happened that resulted in you needing blood products? How many units of blood or platelets did you receive? How did you feel before and after the transfusion? If you could speak directly to the person who donated the unit you received, what would you say to them?
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