Strike out blood shortages and donate life-saving blood between Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019 and Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019 for your chance to win* a pair of tickets to attend one of the NLCS Home Games at Nationals Park.

Step up to the plate and donate!

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Donating to help a patient in need?

Click here to make an appointment using our online scheduling tool, or feel free to call 1-866-256-6372. You can donate whole blood, double red cells, plasma and platelets. To find out what type of donation is best for you, please visit Ideal Donation for Your Blood Type.

Donating for Yourself?

This type of donation is called an Autologous Donation. In rare instances, such as when someone has a unique set of markers or antigens in his/her blood, or are about to undergo a highly complex surgical procedure, a physician may recommend that an individual have his/her blood drawn and reserved for the upcoming surgery. In these cases, Inova Blood Donor Services can draw and transfer blood to the hospital performing the surgery. If you are interested in autologous blood donation, please speak with your physician. Blood that is drawn autologously and is not used during surgery is immediately and properly disposed of. The nature of autologous donations does not require that the donated unit(s) go through the same rigorous testing as blood donated for use by the general patient population. You must complete the steps and request form for an Autologous Donation, included in this brochure.

Donating for a Friend or Family Member?

This type of donation is called a Designated Donation, or Directed Donation. This type of donation is necessary when a patient identifies individuals who will donate blood for a patient’s upcoming treatment. You must complete the steps and request form for a Designated Donation, included in this brochure.

Donating for Health Reasons?

This type of donation is called a Therapeutic Donation. Doctors prescribe blood donations to help alleviate high iron levels to improve overall patient health. A prescription is required for a therapeutic donation.


Still Have Questions?

Feel free to call our Donor Advocate at 571-434-3628