Critical Need for Donations from O+ and O- Donors!  Please Donate If You Are Eligible.

Blood Supply

To support the needs of our community, Inova Blood Donor Services must collect 200 units a day from generous blood, platelet, plasma and double red cell donors.

The inventory is reviewed on a daily basis to ensure there is a sufficient quantity of red cells from each of the blood types, platelets and plasma.

Maintaining a steady inventory of blood is critical to the emergency preparedness of our community as a whole.  No one can predict when disaster will strike and we need to be ready when it does, with a sufficient quantity of blood ready for transfusion to those who need it most.  Will you commit to donating regularly to maintain an adequate supply?

Red Blood Cell Inventory as of 4/20/18

O Positive156300RED
O Negative1875RED
A Positive116300RED
A Negative1075RED
B Positive5090RED
B Negative615RED
AB Positive5950GREEN
AB Negative210RED