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Join us by accepting our #InovaBlood Donation Challenge.

  • Are you a whole blood donor?  Donate 6 times in 12 months
  • Are you a platelet donor?  Donate 24 times in 12 months
  • Are you a double red cell donor?  Donate 3 times in 12 months

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"I'm an Inova Blood Donor because my son spent over a week in the PICU… anything I can do to give back, I'm happy to do it ten times over."



Inova Blood Donor

"I love donating blood because it's one of the few charities you can give to without donating money and really make a contribution."



Inova Blood Donor

 "Donating red blood cells, plasma and platelets is such a rewarding act of kindness because you are helping someone you don't even know, yet in many cases they desperately need your help; you do it just to help others and you ask for nothing in return."



Inova Platelet Donor