Olympic-Themed Donor Gifts Promotion

June 19, 2024

Cheerful woman clapping hands at fitness studio. Female student applauding at dance studio.

Celebrate the Olympic spirit

July 8 – August 11

From July 8th through August 11th, all donors will join the Olympic excitement by receiving exclusive, Olympic-themed donor gifts. Whether you donate at a donor center or a community blood drive, you’re in for a special treat!

Unique gifts for different donations:

To honor your contribution, we have tailored gifts for different types of donations:

  • Whole blood donors will stay cool with a refreshing cooling towel
  • Double red cell donors can beat the heat with a handy portable fan
  • Platelet donors will stay hydrated with a stylish drinking vessel

Encourage community participation

This Olympic-themed gift initiative is a great way to rally community spirit and encourage more people to donate blood. Share the excitement and bring friends and family to participate in this lifesaving event, while enjoying these special gifts.

Boost donor engagement and retention

This unique gifting campaign is designed to not only reward our current donors but also attract new ones. The Olympic-themed gifts add a fun and engaging element to the donation experience, making it more likely for donors to return and continue supporting our lifesaving mission.

Don’t forget about our ongoing Summer Repeat Donor Challenge. The chance to win a $500 gift card by simply doing what you do best – helping others! Donate twice between now and October 6 and be rewarded.

Get started

  • Locate a donation site: Find your nearest Inova donation site here.
  • Schedule Your Appointments: Book your donation appointments through the portal or by calling: 1-866-256-6372
  • Spread the Word: Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join the challenge and donate.

Save lives and join the excitement!

Finish Line Fridays are here!

Every Friday during our Olympic-themed promotion, visit any donor center and get the chance to collect all the special donor gifts! Finish your week strong, celebrate summer, and be a champion for your community. The workweek is over—now it’s time to save lives and enjoy your well-deserved rewards!