We Are So Thankful For Our Donors!

August 8, 2018

2018-08-08 17_53_07-Blood Supply - Inova Blood Donor Services

We hope that our donors know how important they are to patient care at our local hospitals. Each donation is processed and tested in our lab, and then sent to critical patients who are desperately needing them, and whose lives depend on them.

Our hospitals see many high risk patients who need blood products each and every day. The need never stops.

To our donors, who come out and give their time and lifesaving blood products, we can never say thank you enough.


We strive to provide excellent care, and as part of that we want to give everyone insight to what we really mean when we say, “We are in critical need”.

Here’s a video of our Hospital Manager, Rebecca and our Manager of Donor Recruitment, Heather sharing details about the criticallly low blood supply in the Washington DC Metro area. Please make time to donate– visit inovablood.org to learn about eligibility or to find a blood drive near you. Every donation counts, and will help up to three patients.
Inova Health SystemInova Fairfax HospitalInova Children’s HospitalInova Fair Oaks HospitalInova Mount Vernon HospitalInova Alexandria Hospital and Inova Loudoun Hospital are among the hospitals supported by the blood donations collected by Inova Blood Donor Services.

Watch Our Video Here