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May 22, 2024

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Special platelet donation promo

This June and July, every Tuesday and Wednesday

Donate platelets at one of our three donor centers in Northern Virginia and receive a $10 gift card for attempting to donate platelets. All donors who successfully donate platelets will receive an extra $10 gift card, doubling your impact.

Locations – June and July appointments schedule:

Platelet donation appointments are available throughout the day at all three centers. The appointment takes about 2 hours from registration to refreshments.

A platelet blood donation involves collecting a donor’s blood, separating the platelets from it using a special machine, and then returning the remaining blood components to the donor. This type of donation is crucial for patients undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or surgeries, as platelets help with blood clotting and preventing excessive bleeding.

Why donate platelets?

Save lives: Platelets are essential for patients undergoing cancer treatment, surgeries, or those with blood disorders. Your donation can help save lives and provide hope to those in need.

High demand: Unlike whole blood, platelets can only be stored for a few days, making regular donations crucial. Your contribution ensures a steady supply for hospitals and patients.

Personal reward: Besides the satisfaction of making a difference, you’ll receive up to $20 in gift cards as a token of appreciation for your time and effort.

Prepare for your donation

  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids before your appointment.
  • Eat well: Have a healthy meal before donating. Avoid fatty foods.
  • No aspirin: abstain from any aspirin products 48 hours prior to your platelet donation
  • Bring ID: Make sure to bring a valid ID to your appointment.
  • Relax: Wear comfortable clothing and bring something to pass the time, like a book or music.

Spread the word

Help us spread the word about the Double Your Impact Platelet Promo. Share this opportunity with friends, family, and colleagues. Every donor makes a difference!

For more information about automated donation types, visit our Learn about blood donation page.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need assistance with scheduling your appointment, please contact us at:


Sam R. platelet donor

“I donate platelets because the community I serve needs it” – Sam R.

Melanie M. platelet donor

“The simple act of donating platelets energizes me, knowing I am helping people in our community,” – Melanie M.